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Jan 20 - Feb 18

Saturday, July 11, 2020

A Sun/Neptune tie could find you exploring creative talents that may not get as much airing as you would like. Doing so can find you tapping into activities that are the perfect channel for you to take this further. While it might not be a money-spinner, the enjoyment you get from this can encourage you to take it to higher levels and perhaps to earn from it over time.
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Aquarius facts & traits

Water-Bearer · Jan 20 - Feb 18
CloudElement: Air
PlanetRuling Planet: Uranus
HouseRuling House: Eleventh
Color WheelColor: Turquoise
FlowerFlower: Orchid
SilohuetteQualities: Assertive, analytical, eccentric, easy going

More about Aquarius
You are an Aquarius. You possess a level of humility and compassion that leads you to help others without thinking about your personal image. At times, you are hard to pin down, but this is because you are such a hot commodity among your friends. You are tirelessly committed to making a positive difference on the world and are willing to donate the time and energy required to see results. Your unique approach to problem-solving makes you a valuable asset to any homogenous team, which is where your talents can really shine through.
The symbol of the water-bearer signifies your supportive nature, while your ruling planet of Uranus signifies the artistic spirit you use to challenge the status quo. Although your philosophies may come across as unrealistic to some, it is this mentality that grants you truly novel ideas.

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