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Mar 21 - Apr 19

Saturday, July 11, 2020

With the Sun continuing in a more private sector and linking to ethereal Neptune, it may be an idea not to take on too much responsibility over coming days. For best results, consider paring down your plans and focusing on just one or two things instead. Memories can mingle with hopes and dreams, and the coming days could allow you glimpses into possible futures Aries.
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Seeking to know more?  Check out Aries facts & traits below

Aries facts & traits

Ram · Mar 21 - Apr 19
FlameElement: Fire
PlanetRuling Planet: Mars
HouseRuling House: First
Color WheelColor: Red
FlowerFlower: Honeysuckle
SilohuetteQualities: Passionate, motivated, confident, determined

More about Aries
You are an Aries. You are unwaveringly independent and determined to accomplish anything you set your mind to. At times, you may overwhelm your peers with your candid and competitive nature, but you use that to your advantage when you’re required to perform under pressure. You thrive as a leader and are able to elevate those around you through honest and insightful feedback. While your life is sometimes hectic, your unwillingness to give up constantly pushes you to new heights.
The symbol of the ram signifies your willingness to drive your strongest ideas through, while the element of fire symbolizes the passion that fuels your important decisions. While your assertive nature can catch some people by surprise, it ultimately helps you accomplish lofty goals.

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