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Dec 22 - Jan 19

Saturday, July 11, 2020

You could likely do with a chance to unwind, but with a very focused line-up in your sign, there may be no other option but to get on with the task at hand. You might want to relax, but if you need to get something done this can weigh on your mind. If you really want your efforts to count Capricorn, allowing a short break could refresh you and so enhance the resulting outcome.
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Capricorn facts & traits

Goat · Dec 22 - Jan 19
LeafElement: Earth
PlanetRuling Planet: Saturn
HouseRuling House: Tenth
Color WheelColor: Gray
FlowerFlower: Pansy
SilohuetteQualities: Ambitious, realistic, sensitive, disciplined

More about Capricorn
You are a Capricorn. You are remarkably detail-oriented and quite ambitious. You often put a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed beyond expectations, but this helps you create extraordinary pieces of work. You take a strong sense of responsibility for your actions, which makes people feel comfortable giving you constructive criticism. Your firm practicality allows you to avoid making poor, near-sighted decisions that many others fall victim to.
The symbol of the goat signifies the stubbornness you have for finishing something that you’ve started, while the element of earth signifies your ability to ground yourself when your patience is severely tested. Your aim for perfection drives your success, but remember that things will not always go exactly how you want them to – and that’s ok!

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