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Feb 19 - Mar 20

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Rather than push yourself, you might prefer to flow with life and see where it takes you. The Sun's alignment with ethereal Neptune can find you navigating towards those activities that relax you the most. Walking in beautiful surroundings or some yoga or meditation, could leave you feeling great. Even so, Mars in Aries can stimulate a desire for a little retail therapy too.
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Pisces facts & traits

Two Fish · Feb 19 - Mar 20
WaterElement: Water
PlanetRuling Planet: Neptune
HouseRuling House: Twelfth
Color WheelColor: Sea foam
FlowerFlower: Water Lily
SilohuetteQualities: Empathetic, impressionable, imaginative, romantic

More about Pisces
You are a Pisces. You have a profound perceptiveness and understanding for the important people in your life. While you may initially come off as quiet, this is because you are typically deep in-thought about the conversations going on around you. Your ability to easily put yourself in someone else’s shoes during personal conflicts comes from your strong emotional insight. You enjoy expressing yourself through creative outlets and use this as a way to relieve stress and try out new ideas.
The symbol of the two fish signifies the battle that exists between your inner thoughts and outer actions, while your ruling planet of Neptune signifies your desire to let your imagination drive your ideas. The generosity and care that you have for your friends and family is commendable, but be weary of being taken for granted.

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