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Nov 22 - Dec 21

Saturday, July 11, 2020

While you could go out adventuring Archer, a more mellow aspect can find you in a dreamy space and enjoying the chance to go with the flow. If you get a creative nudge and feel like cooking a cake that is out of this world or watching an inspiring movie, then go ahead. Need to get with it? A spicy Moon/Mars link can help get the energy moving and leave you livelier.
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Sagittarius facts & traits

Archer · Nov 22 - Dec 21
FlameElement: Fire
PlanetRuling Planet: Jupiter
HouseRuling House: Ninth
Color WheelColor: Purple
FlowerFlower: Carnation
SilohuetteQualities: Optimistic, honest, adventurous, independent

More about Sagittarius
You are a Sagittarius. You are wonderfully inventive and highly expressive. In many ways, you are an open book, which makes people feel especially close to you. Although you sometimes come off as inflexible, this is only because you prefer to think deeply about a situation instead of acting rashly. You are most successful when given the freedom to work on every stage of a project so that you can ensure that your creative vision is completely realized. The strong understanding you have of yourself enables you to approach challenges in ways that best suit you.
The symbol of the archer signifies how you set your sights and fully devote yourself to complicated undertakings, while your ruling planet of Jupiter symbolizes your vast knowledge in myriad subjects. Your yearning for adventure will likely lead you to many exotic places, but remember to stay emotionally close to those at home too.

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