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Apr 20 - May 20

Saturday, July 11, 2020

You may enjoy connecting with like-minded friends who share your interests, especially around art and creative ideas. Even so, the Moon's link with Mars in a private zone suggests you might also have a desire to enjoy some alone time. With a sensitive focus on the cards, you could easily absorb others' vibes leaving you a tad unsettled, so a chance to recharge might be helpful.
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Taurus facts & traits

Bull · Apr 20 - May 20
LeafElement: Earth
PlanetRuling Planet: Venus
HouseRuling House: Second
Color WheelColor: Pink
FlowerFlower: Poppy
SilohuetteQualities: Stubborn, gentle, fierce, opinionated, greedy

More about Taurus
You are a Taurus. You are exceedingly hard-working, but you are not afraid to also enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer. Friends may sometimes see you as too set in your ways, but you are the person they think of when they need a voice of reason. You invest much of your time and energy into your romantic relationships and take pride in your constant consideration for your partner. People often rely on you for important tasks, as a keen attention to detail allows you to catch mistakes that others let pass by.
The symbol of the bull signifies the headstrong way that you approach certain arguments, but your ruling planet of Venus portrays your desire to love over fighting. Although you may judge those around you too early, the confidence that you have in your values should aid you in developing lasting relationships.

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