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May 21 - Jun 20

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Attempting to revitalize your love life, don't be put off suggesting a weekend away or even a romantic dinner you can both enjoy. If single invite somebody special on a date and experience what it is you find attractive about them and discover if they feel the same way about you, this may take more than one date!
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Gemini facts & traits

Twins · May 21 - Jun 20
CloudElement: Air
PlanetRuling Planet: Mercury
HouseRuling House: Third
Color WheelColor: Yellow
FlowerFlower: Lavendar
SilohuetteQualities: Versatile, curious, witty, erratic

More about Gemini
You are a Gemini. You live with a vigor and up-beat energy that many others strive for. At times, you may focus too much on acting in the way that you think people expect you to, but this is actually a testament to your emotional awareness. You are prone to boredom when working on the same task for too long, but this mindset feeds your wild imagination. Your ability to find the fun in life drives people to seek you out in a variety of social settings.
The symbol of the twins signifies the conflicting inner emotions you often feel when faced with a challenging situation, while a mutable mode illustrates your willingness to change with your environment. While people have a tough time figuring you out, it is this mysterious nature that makes you so interesting.

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