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Aug 23 - Sep 22

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Full of optimism, you feel like celebrating with your lover and having some fun. If single you're quite capable of persuading people to go out, enticing them to join you, but if by chance for some reason you find yourself alone on your big night out, you quickly get to meet new people and together enjoy yourselves.
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Virgo facts & traits

Virgin · Aug 23 - Sep 22
LeafElement: Earth
PlanetRuling Planet: Mercury
HouseRuling House: Sixth
Color WheelColor: Silver
FlowerFlower: Buttercup
SilohuetteQualities: Communicative, modest, conscientious, helpful

More about Virgo
You are a Virgo. You are exceptionally intelligent and well put-together. To many, you may come across as shy, but those who know you best recognize that this is just your modest nature. You stand out for your superb preparedness, which allows you to successfully balance your busy social and professional lives. Your selflessness shines through a willingness to put your family and friends before yourself, but it’s imperative that you make time for yourself too.
The symbol of the virgin signifies the self-sufficiency that people attribute to your personality, while a ruling planet of Mercury reveals your deep curiosity for new experiences. While your determination for self-improvement sometimes leads you to be too hard on yourself, this will push you to do the impossible.

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