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Jun 21 - Jul 22

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Re-establishing the closeness, you have with your lover meets with a positive response, if there is any disquiet you attempt reconciliation. If you're single, you stay in contact with friends, your efforts to revive connections are successful you may even act as a go-between and bring others together.
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Cancer facts & traits

Crab · Jun 21 - Jul 22
WaterElement: Water
PlanetRuling Planet: Moon
HouseRuling House: Fourth
Color WheelColor: Violet
FlowerFlower: White Rose
SilohuetteQualities: Emotional, loyal, moody, charming

More about Cancer
You are a Cancer. You are incredibly in-tune with your emotions; highly intuitive, but seldom impulsive. You are sometimes slow to open up, but you give all of yourself once you do. You have an innate sense for when a loved one is struggling with something and are usually the first one they go to during tough times because of this. You often let your mind wander and find success when letting those thoughts drive your inner creativity.
The symbol of the crab signifies the emotional shell you build to try to keep people from hurting you, while the element of water symbolizes the ease with which you allow your emotions to guide your actions. While your sensitive nature can cause you to hold on to past conflicts, it also allows you to live with passion and purpose.

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